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Central Policy Secretariat

The Central Policy Secretariat (CPS) is a division within the UK Statistics Authority.

The CPS:

  • helps staff across the Government Statistical Service (GSS) to work together with senior leaders to achieve shared priorities.
  • supports the governance of the UK statistical system, including the Authority Board, the top level GSS committees and the network of statistical Heads of Profession (HoPs)
  • supports the National Statistician and the deputy National Statisticians.
  • manages the National Statistics Leadership Team’s Private Office (email:
  • manages the Parliamentary Unit which provides reports and advice on the statistical developments in Parliament and the devolved legislatures (email:
  • manages the EU Exit Programme which co-ordinates work on the impact of EU Exit on the statistical system (email:
  • manages the International Team which co-ordinates international engagement across the GSS via an International Liaison Officer in each department (email:
  • supports the organisation of the annual GSS Conference (read more about the 2019 GSS Conference)
  • deals with a number of cross-cutting issues on statistical policy as they arise (e.g. providing guidance on statistics during the pre-election and keeping the policy on publishing statistics on polling days up to date).
  • keeps an up to date list of HoPs
  • organises quarterly meetings for all statistical HoPs (including a larger GSS leadership event each June).
  • provides a weekly email for HoPs that brings together all key communications.



Please get in touch if you want to include anything in the weekly HoPs email, or have any ideas for HoPs sessions.