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Presentation champions

Presentation champions work to improve the presentation and dissemination of government statistics.

Their main responsibilities are to:

  • identify, promote and share best practice and innovation in the presentation of government statistics
  • identify and help address barriers to improvements in the presentation and dissemination of government statistics within their department
  • attend and contribute to meetings of the presentation sub-group of the Presentation and Dissemination Committee (PDC)

All presentation champions are automatically members of the presentation sub-group of the PDC. This sub-group manages the champions and arranges events and meetings for them to participate in.

Want to be a presentation champion?

Each government department can nominate a presentation champion (or several champions) to work with the network of presentation champions across the Government Statistical Service (GSS) who meet on a regular basis.

If you would like to be a presentation champion please email:

What is expected of a presentation champion?

As an active presentation champion you will support the delivery of your department’s goals for presenting and disseminating statistics and commit to delivering the following over a 12 month period:

  • Organise and host at least one sharing seminar in your department or region to showcase innovation on a topic(s) of your choice.
  • Participate in at least two GSS peer review meetings (sometimes called “scrums”)
  • Organise at least one GSS peer review meeting – arranging a publication to review and recruiting champions (and others) to act as peer reviewers
  • Review at least six GSS statistical publications and send your comments to the Best Practice and Impact division contact for the presentation champion network (see the membership list to find out who that is).
  • Work with your department’s PDC member to ensure your department completes the What’s New? document on time, every quarter (you will be sent a link to an editable version of this document).
  • Review the What’s New? document every quarter and proactively promote it within your department
  • After the publication of the latest What’s New? document on the GSS website, contact another champion from a department whose work you are interested in to share knowledge and insight
  • Attend at least three champion meetings
  • Submit an agenda item or present at the quarterly champion meeting to showcase innovation or discuss a challenge etc.
  • Support or lead at least one item of PDC’s or presentation sub-group’s work programme

The chair of the presentation sub-group will formally communicate these commitments to your line manager and statistical Head of Profession. This will allow greater awareness of your obligations to this group and enable wider recognition of our work.

List of presentation champions (Google doc).

If you can’t access Google docs please let us know by emailing

Best Practice and Impact division