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Web dissemination champions

Web dissemination champions lead the development of statistics on all GSS web platforms with the aim of producing the best experience for our users. They meet to discuss all aspects of disseminating statistics online, including:

All web dissemination champions are automatically members of the web dissemination sub-group of the Presentation and Dissemination Committee (PDC). This sub-group manages the champions and arranges events and meetings for them to participate in.

You can contact your organisation’s web dissemination champion if you have any frustrations disseminating statistics on GOV.UK or any other platform (if you don’t know who your champion is take a look at the membership list). If you don’t think user needs are being catered for – let your champion know!

Want to be a web dissemination champion?

Each GSS organisation can nominate a web dissemination champion to work within this network of champions who meet on a regular basis.

If you would like to be a web dissemination champion please email:

Web dissemination champions exist to ensure all GSS organisations are able to learn from each other to continually improve the way that government statistics are made available online. The need for organisations to do this is built into the Code of Practice for Statistics, most notably in the value pillar which sets expectations for accessibility, clarity and insight, and innovation and improvement. This ensures our statistics and data are useful, easy to access, remain relevant and support understanding of important issues.

Strategic aims

  • Encourage and set GSS best practice in publishing and disseminating statistics.
  • Continue to develop our services in line with user requirements.
  • Encourage a more consistent user experience across GSS dissemination channels.
  • Scan the horizon for new opportunities to innovate in online publishing, and promote these.
  • Develop skills and maximise capability to produce good quality outputs that meet user needs.

Operational responsibilities

  • Ensure good practice in announcing statistics is maintained.
  • Gather user feedback and comments to inform and support new projects.
  • Guide and promote the GSS Data Project.
  • Share best practice and develop new initiatives in statistical publishing and web dissemination.
  • Work with the Government Digital Service.
  • Discuss and solve issues and problems as they arise.


John Wilkins