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Support for the GSS

The Best Practice and Impact (BPI) division has been created to support the Government Statistical Service (GSS) to improve government statistics.

The work of the division falls under seven key themes:

  • Set strategic direction across the GSS.
  • Build capability in the GSS through training courses and workshops.
  • Provide a consultancy function for the GSS.
  • Share best practice across the GSS.
  • Create tools, guidance and standards for the GSS to use.
  • Foster a one GSS voice to the outside world and develop the GSS community.
  • Operate a compliance function across the GSS to understand where improvements are needed.

The role of BPI is to get out and understand what is going on across the GSS and share what we find more widely with colleagues across departments.

We develop and deliver training courses to improve our collective capabilities, provide consultancy for the GSS and run or support all the champions networks across the GSS (presentation, quality, harmonisation, geography).

If you’d like to speak to us about how we can support what you’re trying to achieve in your department please email

The Good Practice Team (GPT) supports statistics producers through mentoring, advice, consultancy, training and guidance on the production, dissemination and use of official statistics.

The members of the team are experienced staff with in-depth knowledge of technical and methodological issues and the production and dissemination of statistics across government.

For a full range of training and support that we offer, please see our brochure.

Brochure: Good Practice Team (pdf, 1.03MB)


The Quality Centre supports the GSS in meeting its requirements to maintain, improve and report on quality under the Code of Practice for Statistics. The team provides mentoring, expert advice, consultancy, training and guidance on the quality of official statistics and respondent burden.

The main areas of support are:

• quality management, assurance and improvement
• management and monitoring of quality reviews
• management and support for quality reporting
• measuring, minimising and reporting on respondent burden

For a full range of training and support that we offer, please see our brochure.

Brochure: Quality Centre (pdf 644KB)


The Harmonisation Team maintains and develops a range of fully approved harmonised principles (harmonised definitions, harmonised survey questions, harmonised standards for administrative data and harmonised standards to be used when presenting outputs).

The team can support you in developing and implementing harmonised principles as well as offering a consultancy service, where we can collaborate closely with you to ensure harmonisation is adhered to.

Additionally, the team can provide training sessions and workshops to share research and best practice with you to develop knowledge and expertise on harmonisation within your team.

For a full range of training and support that the team offer, please see our brochure.

Brochure: Harmonisation (pdf 1.07MB)


The Methodology Advisory Service (MAS) is one of the UK’s leading providers of expert methodological advice, support and training available to the GSS and wider public sector.

With the expert knowledge of its many specialists, MAS aims to improve the quality and value for money of statistical outputs, and promote best practice for the greater public good.

MAS offers advice and guidance to projects across the GSS covering a wide variety of topics. More details are available in the MAS brochure.

Brochure: Methodology Advisory Service (pdf, 467KB)


The GSS Methodology Advisory Committee (MAC) is a free service providing departments across the GSS with methodological advice, facilitating access to a pool of subject matter experts spanning academia, private sector, GSS and other National Statistical Institutes.

The GSS MAC supports the GSS to shape and improve standards for methods, contributing to the credibility and usefulness of government statistics, offering:

  • expert advice and peer-review on individual research and methodology work at various stages, from preliminary methods and ideas to more advanced work, providing advice on next steps
  • scoping and engagement work on developing new methods, including workshops and extraordinary meetings to tackle specific methodological challenges
  • independent state-of-the-art expert methods reviews
  • a collaborative approach to addressing methodological issues, encouraging knowledge sharing, and increasing ties between GSS and the wider expert community

Please see our webpage and brochure for further detail of the support we offer.

Brochure: GSS Methodology Advisory Committee (pdf, 727KB)