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Reporting a breach of the Code of Practice

A breach is caused when an organisation producing official statistics fails to meet the standards outlined in the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. Reporting breaches means being open about mistakes and the actions being taken to correct them. It is important for building public trust in statistics, and for statistics producers to learn and improve from any mistakes.

The current guidance on reporting breaches was published in October 2016.  The process is fundamentally unchanged from the previous guidance issued in 2012 but minor changes have been made to the reporting template to hopefully make it easier to complete.

If a breach occurs, the producer of the statistics will need to complete the Breach Report Template and submit it to the National Statistician by emailing

Further guidance on when to report a breach can be found in the guidance document, or the summary advice on how to avoid common breaches. If you would prefer to talk about a breach, or potential breach, please contact the Good Practice Team.

The previous guidance on reporting breaches which was agreed by the UK Statistics Authority Board on 27 September 2012 has now been superseded.