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Reporting a breach of the Code of Practice

A breach of the Code of Practice for Official Statistics occurs when an organisation producing official statistics fails to meet the standards set out in the Code.  Producers of official statistics should report breaches to the GSS Good Practice Team.  Reporting breaches is about being open and transparent about mistakes that happen, learning from them and setting out the actions being taken to correct them. All of these aspects are essential if we are to maintain public trust in official statistics.

The GSS Good Practice Team can provide support and advice , including whether a breach is likely to have occurred in specific circumstances. The guidance on reporting breaches gives some examples of breaches under different sections of the Code and sets out the procedure for logging and reporting breaches.  Breach reports are signed off by the Office for Statistics Regulation, and published on the UK Statistics Authority website.

If a breach occurs, the producer of the statistics will need to complete the Breach Report Template and submit it to the National Statistician by emailing

More information is available about how to avoid common breaches.