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Committees and Governance

The Government Statistical Service is governed by a series of committees, each responsible for a specific area of work. These committees make up the structure of the GSS, outlined in the diagram below.

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Diagram of GSS Committees. Heads of Profession Steering Group, Heads of Profession Group and Inter Aministration Committee are the most influential committees. Statistical Policies and Standards Committee, GSS People Committee and Theme Leaders Committee report to the Heads of Profession Group. All other committees report to the Statistical Policies and Standards Committee.

Heads of Profession Steering Group Heads of Profession Group Inter Administration Committee People Committee Statistical Policy and Standards Committee Themes Business Registers Group Data Strategy Group International Committee Methodology Advisory Committee National Statistics Harmonisation Group National Statistics Harmonisation Steering Group Presentation and Dissemination Committee Regional and Geography Committee TEST Statistics Suppliers and Users Group

Heads of Profession for Statistics

Each UK Government department has a Head of Profession (HoP) for Statistics who is responsible for professional statistical matters and statistical staff working in their department. This role is assumed by a Chief Statistician (CS) in each of the devolved administrations in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

HoPs and CSs work together across government departments and devolved administrations to coordinate statistics policy and address issues of concern.  Together they form the Heads of Profession Group that is the heart of the governance structure and led by the National Statistician.  The GSS Statement of Governance sets out in detail how the National Statistician, HoPs and CSs combine across UK official statistics.

The statement of a Head of Profession’s Role and Responsibilities describes the work they do, and covers managing statistics and statisticians in their organisation. Each Head of Profession and Chief Statistician submits an Annual Assurance Report to the National Statistician that covers the activities set out in the statement.


All UK official statistics are split into one of twelve themes. The themes help to improve planning, development and innovation in official statistics.