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Heads of Profession Steering Group

The Heads of Profession Steering Group (HPSG) aims to further the development of the Government Statistical Service (GSS) at the highest level.

HPSG meets quarterly and has six main responsibilities:

  • Identifying and proposing issues for discussion by Heads of Profession (HoPs).
  • Commenting on agendas for future Heads of Profession Group meetings.
  • Acting as a sounding board for the National Statistician.
  • Encouraging cooperation between the National Statistician and UK statistics producers on strategic issues so they can form views before raising them with HoPs.
  • Discussing key issues and recommending their views to HoPs to help them reach an agreement, or referring them to other bodies, such as cross-government committees, for further work.
  • Monitoring the Heads of Profession Group and its subsidiary bodies.

The National Statistician chairs this committee, which is made up of a small group of 6-8 Heads of Profession for Statistics. Membership is decided by the National Statistician, who invites nominations from HoPs. Members serve on the group for a period of two years.

Members of the Committee do not formally represent their departments. They serve in a personal capacity and are expected to bring their knowledge, skills and experience to the role.

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