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Methodology Advisory Committee

The Methodology Advisory Committee (MAC) provides a forum for government statisticians to get methodological advice from the rest of the statistical profession.

The committee meets twice a year (May and November) and has two responsibilities.

  • To provide a forum which allows government statisticians to obtain advice on methodological issues, from a group of interested and experienced professional statisticians from outside government. It provides an opportunity for informal discussions on research and development work at all stages of production.
  • Providing an opportunity to build and strengthen links between the Government Statistical Service (GSS) and the rest of the statistical profession.

The committee is chaired by the Divisional Director of the Survey Methodology and Statistical Computing Division in the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Other members come from a range of backgrounds.

  • The National Statistician.
  • Two members nominated by the Royal Statistical Society (RSS).
  • Two members from other government departments nominated by the Statistical Policy and Standards Committee.
  • Other non-GSS statistical professionals nominated by ONS.
  • Representatives from the Strategy & Standards Directorate in ONS, including the Divisional Director of the Population Methodology and Statistical Infrastructure Division.

In addition to these members, people with specific expertise may be invited to discuss relevant topics.

Please visit our Methodology and Quality area for more information on methodology.

How to get Advice from the Committee

A call for abstracts is made across the GSS around six months before each meeting, though abstracts can be submitted at any time. Four or five papers are selected for the each meeting and circulated the committee members. Normally 45 minutes is dedicated to each paper in the meeting. The papers and minutes are uploaded to the Methodology Advisory Committee pages on the ONS website shortly after the meeting.

If you are interesting in getting methodological advice from the committee, please get in touch with the secretary. Contact details below.

Please also consider the Methodology Advisory Service or visit our Methodology and Quality area for more information on methodology.


Gentiana Roarson – Secretary

01633 451726

Papers from the Methodology Advisory Committee

Minutes from the Methodology Advisory Committee