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Presentation and Dissemination Committee


The Presentation and Dissemination Committee has 3 sub groups

The Presentation and Dissemination Committee (PDC) is chaired by Julie Brown, the joint Head of Profession at the Department for Transport. The membership includes senior statisticians in UK government departments and each department has a PDC member.

For more information see the GSS Presentation and Dissemination Committee’s Terms of Reference and the PDC Membership and Constituent List.

PDC is a sub-committee of the Statistical Policy and Standards Committee and provides strategic and operational direction on all presentation and dissemination activities in the GSS.

PDC meets four times a year and has two main responsibilities.

  • Developing and maintaining professional standards for presenting and disseminating official statistics.
  • Ensuring accessibility of official statistics for all users (such as government, business and the public).

PDC is all about building capability, setting and raising standards, sharing best practice, encouraging innovation and celebrating success. Take a look at the minutes and actions from PDC meetings to see some of the areas of interest to the committee.

Want to get involved? Why don’t you…

  • contact your PDC representative and find out more about PDC’s work programme and how you can play your part in achieving your department’s presentation and dissemination goals.
  • use the GSS Good Practice team and your presentation champion to help drive up standards – they can run training courses, scrums, help build better relations with Comms teams and  help review your publications.

Please log-in to access more detailed contact information.

The Presentation and Dissemination Symposium 2017 was held in London on Friday 30 June. This year the theme is ‘communication with impact’ – the morning included keynote speakers talking about how to present better for policy making; the afternoon focused on communicating to the general public. To read about the 2016 symposium visit our Presentation and Dissemination 2016 page and see what that day was all about. Or, check out this ‘Storify’ summary. For reference, the 2015 Symposium page is available here. For more information about PDC operate and how you can get involved, read this blog. And, if you are a GSS member, log into the website to see regular updates below.

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