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Government Statistical Service (GSS) themes bring together UK statistics producers for discussion of a given topic.

The theme structure exists for three reasons.

  • To lead on long-term statistical planning.
  • To identify and influence statistical development and innovation.
  • To engage with relevant user organisations, identifying priorities, gaps and other issues.

There are twelve GSS themes, covering the full range of official statistics. The leader of each GSS theme is accountable to the National Statistician.

Agriculture and Environment

The Agriculture and Environment theme brings together statistics from across the UK about the agriculture, natural environment, fishing, food and forestry sectors.

Business and Energy

The Business and Energy theme includes statistics on company structure, size and location; closures or mergers; and turnover, international trade, and research and development.

Energy statistics include prices, fuel poverty and energy sources, such as coal or oil.

Children, Education and Skills

The Children, Education and Skills theme covers statistics on schools, pupils and staff, and children in social care, including children looked after by local authorities.

Crime and Justice

Crime and Justice statistics are collected from the public, police forces and other justice agencies. The statistics include types of crime, the work of the police and the functioning of the justice system. They also cover the general public’s experience and perceptions of crime.

Culture and Society

The Culture and Society theme covers statistics on people’s lifestyles and culture, including sport, tourism, language and identity.

Defence and International Affairs

The Defence and International Affairs theme provides information on aid sent to developing countries. It also provides statistics on defence finance, manpower numbers and the health of the Armed Forces, and on equipment, activities and the defence estate.


The Economy theme covers statistics which measure different aspects of and provide insight into the UK economy. The statistics cover the UK’s National Accounts, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), UK trade and short term indicators, such as the Retail Sales Index. 

Health and Social Care

The Health and Social Care theme covers statistics relating to public health, health services provided by the National Health Service, social care, and health and safety at work.

Housing, Planning and Local Services

The Housing, Planning and Local Services theme covers current housing, homelessness, housing requirements and commercial, industrial, retail and residential planning. The theme also covers information on local fire and rescue services.

Labour Market

The Labour Market theme covers statistics measuring different aspects of work and jobs and provides an insight into the economy. The statistics cover people’s employment, working patterns and the types of work they do. The theme also covers any earnings and benefits they receive.


Population theme statistics describe the characteristics of the UK population. These include statistics on the size and geographic spread of the population, on the factors driving population change (including births, deaths and migration) and on topics such as families and older people.

Travel and Transport

The Travel and Transport theme provides statistics on all modes of travel and transport in Great Britain.