Inter Administration Committee

The Inter Administration Committee (IAC) works in the context of the Concordat between the UK Statistics Authority and the devolved administrations. It outlines the way in which the four nations (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) work together and cooperate on statistical matters.

The Inter Administration Committee (IAC) meets quarterly and has eight main responsibilities:

  • Considering issues in relation to statistical matters across the UK system.
  • Promoting policies, strategies and standards which facilitate the production of coherent and  harmonised statistics across the administrations.
  • Consider user need for statistics at UK level and for comparable sub-UK statistics, while recognising that individual administration will have specific requirements that need to be met.
  • Considering and resolving inter administration issues where they have not been resolved elsewhere, and escalating issues as appropriate.
  • Liaising with, and supporting the work of, other GSS committees.
  • Considering UK government statistics needed for devolved purposes in reserved policy areas, and devolved statistics needed for UK purposes.
  • Considering international issues including meeting international requirements.
  • Reviewing the Concordat after one year, then every five years.

The Chair of this committee is the National Statistician. The membership includes Chief Statisticians of the devolved administrations, the Registrar General for Scotland, the Deputy National Statistician for Population and Public Policy and the Authority Chief of Staff.