National Statistics Harmonisation Group

The National Statistics Harmonisation Group (NSHG) is a sub-committee of the Government Statistical Service, Statistical Policy and Standards Committee and reports to the National Statistics Harmonisation Steering Group (NSH SG). The NSHG is responsible for the cross-government programme of harmonisation, designed to make all UK statistics comparable to each other.

The committee meets every four months and has four main responsibilities:

  • Harmonising inputs, outputs and definitions used in survey questions, making it easier for users to draw better comparisons between data sources.
  • Considering the requirements of different modes of collection, statistical systems and data needs.
  • Providing strategic direction for the development and maintenance of common statistical frames, definitions and classifications for statistics.
  • Considering the different requirements of countries in the UK.

The membership is made up of representatives from UK government departments, the devolved administrations and other interested statistical bodies. The Chair is from one of the government departments making up the membership of the group and is usually at the Statistical Head of Profession level. The Terms of Reference can be found here.  Agendas, papers and minutes from the NSHG meetings can be found at the bottom of this page.

The current GSS Harmonised Principles (covering GSS approved harmonised questions, inputs and outputs on key topics, for use on all Surveys) and the Harmonisation Newsletters can be found on the Harmonisation pages on the GSS website.

A Business Harmonisation Task and Finish Group (BHTFG), which reports to the NSH SG, has been formed to investigate and develop harmonised principles for business statistics.


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