Presentation and Dissemination Symposium 2015

The GSS Presentation and Dissemination Committee (PDC) hosted its third annual symposium at the iconic venue in Cardiff on Tuesday 10 March. Over 100 delegates attended, including the National Statistician, John Pullinger and it was a wonderful opportunity to showcase the great work going on across the GSS. Individual departments recounted their successes and challenges in the fields of data science, open data, data visualisation and improving statistical releases. Delegates were also inspired by the words of key note speakers from the BBC, Financial Times and Full Fact, with a call to action from the Chair of PDC, Julie Brown.

Mill Stad 2Tegwen Green, one of the symposium organisers, said “I’d like to think the symposium provided an opportunity for everyone who attended to learn something from someone else’s success. Will it inspire you, yes you, to use your creativity and drive to adapt someone else’s work and make a difference in your own area? Each and every one of us has the power  to make small incremental changes that can build into something dynamic and successful – the symposium was evidence of that.

I would urge you all to work in your departments and with your PDC representative and the GSS Good Practice Team to use that power – clarify and simplify the messages you deliver to your different audiences and play your part in improving the presentation and dissemination of statistics in your department. If you’ve made or want to make improvements, PDC and the GSS Good Practice Team would love to hear from you.”


Below we have published the presentations, thank you to all of the speakers and all of those who supplied these for publication. Enjoy!

Open Data

David Fry (DCLG) – Open Data and Statistics – Building the User Community

Darren Barnes (ONS) – Humans are not the Only Users

Gregor Boyd (SG) – How to Publish Gold Five Star Linked Data and What it is

Data Science

Julian Shaw/Andrew Ledger (BIS) – Open, Big and Colourful – Data Science for Statisticians

Karen Gask (ONS) – ONS Big Data Project

Data Visualisation

Simon Swan (Met Office) – Creating a Digital Knowledge Centre

Ryan Dunn/Adam Pearce (DWP) – Work Programme Statistics – An Unexpected Journey

Julie Brown (DfT) – Creating a Culture Change to Embrace Data Visualisation




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