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Release calendar – Latest updates

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On this page we will keep you informed of any updates or news regarding the release calendar.

03/03/2015 – Latest update on identified ‘must have’ enhancements:

Publishers on the GOV.UK release calendar are asked to note the latest advice in respect of the geography by country filter and the addition of an ‘official statistics’ label.

1. Geography by country filter

This remains the top priority in the backlog of prioritised improvements to be made to the new National Statistics release calendar on GOV.UK but is unlikely to be delivered before June 2015.

A temporary work around for the geographical filter has recently been established, involving multiple tagging of outputs. An output can now have more than one associated tag and can be linked to a geographical area, such as Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. This means that you are able to filter release announcements by Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland on the ‘Topic’ filter.

To link an announcement to a geographical area, when creating the release announcement, the publisher must choose which country is relevant from the ‘Topic’ drop down menu. The release announcement should then show when the results are filtered by this geographical coverage. All publishers are asked to use this facility when relevant, with immediate effect.

2. Addition of ‘official statistics’ label

To help implement this enhancement retrospectively for announcements relating to all 2015 publications and to ensure the accuracy of statistical designation, please can all publishers:

a) Check all of your release announcements published on 1 January 2015 and onwards. Any announcements which are not an official or National Statistic should be removed from the release calendar and put elsewhere on GOV.UK.

b) Categorise all future announcements to the new criteria of “Official Statistic” and “National Statistic”.

c) Ensure all experimental statistics include ‘experimental’ in their title, for example “HES-MHMDS data linkage report, experimental summary statistics”. No separate category will be available for experimental statistics but having this clearly expressed in the title of the publication will allow users to clearly identify their status.

d) Please check and amend the release calendar accordingly and email the ONS Publishing Support team, who are coordinating this initiative, to confirm this has been actioned by Friday 13 March 2015

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