Statistical Policy and Standards Committee

The Statistical Policy and Standards Committee (SPSC) assists the National Statistician in promoting and safeguarding the quality official statistics. SPSC develops and promotes statistical policy and drives improvement in statistical methodologies, standards and classifications.

SPSC meets quarterly and has three main responsibilities:

  • Advising on legal obligations which affect statistics.
  • Developing and putting into action statistical policies and standards.
  • Improving the quality of statistics.

The Chair of this committee is David Fry (Head of Profession for Statistics at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy).

The membership includes Heads of Profession for Statistics in UK Government departments, senior statisticians from across the GSS, and one Chief Statistician from the devolved administrations: Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales.

The Committee reports to the National Statistics Executive Group (NSEG) providing biannual updates to agree objectives and priorities for statistical policies and standards.

SPSC has five sub-groups/committees:

These sub-groups are expected to agree their annual work programme with SPSC and provide reports to it.

The Committee’s Terms of Reference can be found (here).spsc3

Robert Reeve, Email:  Phone: 0207592 8622