Summer school on Survey Research 2017 and Invitation to the Virtual Hackathon

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Summer school on Survey Research 2017

organized by

Utrecht University (Department of Methodology and Statistics) and Statistics Netherlands (CBS, Department of Methodology)

Location: Utrecht University

August, 14-18 (5 days):   Survey Research: Design, Implementation and Data Processing

Changes in technology and society strongly influence modern survey research. This course covers the essentials of modern survey analysis and estimation, and is organized by the Department of Methodology and Statistics (UU) in collaboration with Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Topics include state of the art survey design, questionnaire construction and testing, modes of and devices for data collection, data processing and survey analysis techniques, such as nonresponse analysis and scale and index construction and the use of administrative data. Best practice guidelines for phases of the survey from design to implementation, analysis and reporting will be discussed. International comparative and longitudinal surveys are included.

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August, 21-25 (5 days):   Survey Research: Statistical Analysis and Estimation

The course is intended for advanced students and professionals in such fields as social and behavioral research, marketing, business, health sciences, and official statistics. Central to the course is survey quality and the reduction of Total Survey Error (coverage, sampling, nonresponse, adjustment, measurement error, and processing error). Participants will be presented with tools for detection and adjustment of such errors. Analysis methods are introduced using both SPSS and R. Topics include complex surveys, nonresponse adjustment, measurement error, analysis of incomplete data and advanced use of administrative data. Special attention will be given to the analysis of complex surveys that include weighting, stratification and design effects. This course is organized by the Department of Methodology and Statistics (UU) in collaboration with Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

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One can sign up for either one or both courses. Online application is possible. This site also provides further information about the organization, location etc.


Invitation to the Virtual Hackathon on Telling stories with SDG data , 5-7 September 2017

You are invited to the Virtual Hackathon on Telling Stories with SDG data will take place virtually on 5-7 September 2017. Please find attached the first information notice, which contains background information.

A hackathon is an intensive problem-solving event. In this case, the focus is on statistical content and effective communication. Multidisciplinary teams will be challenged to “Create a user-oriented product that tells a story about the younger population” within the three day timeframe. The target audience for the hackathon includes senior and middle-level managers responsible for data dissemination and communication, sustainable development goals and statistical analysis.

Hackathon participants will participate as a member of a team. Teams should include 3 -4 participants. Teams will work in their own offices and timezones to complete the challenge. The teams can be composed of members from one country or several countries together. Teams can include:

  • members from one statistical organisation (one country)
  • members from one statistical organisation plus experts from other government departments or universities within their country (one country)
  • experts from different statistical organisations (multi-country).

Participating statistical offices and international organizations should register their team online by Friday 11 August 2017 by following the link.