GSS Conference – Parallel sessions

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How innovative can you really be in Government statistics?

That was my first thought on sending out the request for parallel sessions. But I have been overwhelmed with the breadth of creative analysis and problem-solving that is going out there, across Government and the country. I think the sessions we are putting on will reflect this.

They are covering topics like: using the tools at the disposal of a modern analyst to utilise new data sources and answer previously unanswerable questions; applying statistical techniques to the physical world to give the policy makers the tools they need to make vital decisions, domestically and internationally; and improving how the GSS communicates and disseminates statistics to a wide range of customers and continues to have an impact. And on top of this, embedding the framework and tools that the GSS needs to stay relevant in a changing landscape and to keep innovating.

If this wasn’t enough, we also have sessions on the external view of place-based approaches to policy and analysis, spatial analysis, and using data science in policy analysis.

See you in Sheffield. Sheffield United may be joint- second in the league, but the GSS is second to none in innovating, creating and pushing the boundaries.