Statistical Officer vacancies available across the GSS

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Are you looking for a fresh challenge that will really put your analytical skills to the test?

If yes, the Government Statistical Service is the place for you.

The Government Statistical Service (GSS) collects, analyses and publishes official statistics to help government, business, and the public understand the current state of the UK economy and society. From tax to transport, to health, policing and the environment, you can expect to see your analysis hitting the headlines on a regular basis and being used by decision-makers in government and industry at the highest level.

The role will require you to apply your statistical skills to innovate and solve problems in data management and analysis, and you will be using a range of software packages and analytical techniques. The ability to explain and communicate your findings will also be essential.

You can expect to use your skills in a wide range of roles to:-
• Inform government strategy and operational direction based on the collection, analysis and use of data
• Design data collection to publish results and analysis to inform policy and public debate
• Present and disseminate statistics using modern visualisation techniques to technical and non-technical users
• Lead data research and improve processes using data science and statistical techniques
• Collaborate internationally with fellow professionals to understand the UK and the world through data


Vacancy reference: 1566010

Location: Various

Salary: National minimum £27,568 / London minimum £31,029 (HStO), National minimum £21,950 / London minimum £24,514 (StO)

Closing date: 14 January 2018