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Breach all about it!

All official statistics need to be produced and published in line with the standards outlined in the Code of Practice for Statistics. A breach occurs when one of these standards is not kept to. If a breach or a suspected breach occurs, the first thing you should do is raise it with your Head of Profession. […]

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Statistical responsibilities in the Cabinet Office

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Statisticians in Cabinet Office work in various teams and on a wide variety of activities that range from publishing National Statistics bulletins to producing evidence and analysis in support of key departmental policy priorities. But perhaps the most obvious glue that helps bind us statisticians together is the Code of Practice for Statistics. Whilst this sets out the […]

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The Code of Practice for Statistics turns one today

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I am pleased to be saying happy first birthday to the Code of Practice for Statistics.  Over the last twelve months I have been involved in many different conversations about the use of statistics and I have found the new code to be really helpful in supporting these. As the statistical Head of Profession in […]

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