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An analyst’s job is never done

“Don’t trust the data. If you’ve found something interesting, something has probably gone wrong!” Maybe you’ve been there too? It was a key lesson I learnt as a junior researcher. It partly reflected my skills as an analyst at the time – the mistakes could well have been mine! But, not entirely. You see I […]

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What is the value of our statistics?

We now live in a world awash with data and people can look up almost anything they want. But what gives “official” data its unique competitive edge? The data we produce at Office for National Statistics (ONS) is underpinned by the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics and the UK’s Code of Practice for Statistics. This […]

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Surely there’s no ethics in mathematics?

Mathematical work can sometimes seem detached from the real world. The abstractness of statistics and datasets often mask the ways in which they can eventually be used – and misused. But for many of us, the maths that we do is not just for fun; we are producing real results, that will be used by […]

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