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A message from Esri UK, the official partner of the 2018 GSS conference

A message from our Official partner: From Soho to Geo and £11 billon

Just days until the 2018 GSS conference, and my Esri colleagues and I are very much looking forward to attending in our role as official event sponsor.  You may wonder why a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software company would be interested in being part of this event?   Well……statisticians and data scientists are all about the collection and analysis of data to provide a robust evidence base for effective decision making.  For us it’s the same! At its heart, GIS is about uncovering meaning and insights from data. Our customers use Esri software fuelled with data to analyse, visualise, collaborate, engage, inform and evidence better policy decisions.  I see us as natural partners in achieving this ambition.

As the GSS celebrates 50 years, Esri is also looking forward to its 50th birthday next year.   A lot has changed in 50 years and this change has impacted both Statisticians and Geographers alike. Computerisation, the explosion of data, and the demand from users to access authoritative content has brought a realisation in government of the value of data and particularly Geospatial data.

Last year saw the Chancellor announce a new Geospatial Commission to maximise the value of all UK government data linked to location, much of which is collected and maintained by you in the GSS. The commission’s objective is to use this data more productively – unlocking up to £11 billion of extra value for the UK economy every year.

2017 also saw the establishment of the Geography profession within Government, providing further evidence that Geography is increasingly understood and valued by Government.

But the fusion of geography, statistics and data science is not new. In my presentation on day one of the conference, I’ll share how our community have been pioneers for almost two centuries. I also hope to inspire you with new tools and techniques that will serve us well into the future; a future in which geographers, statisticians and data scientists, combine forces to tackle the big issues of the day.

I am excited to be with you in Manchester and keen to learn from you about how you see your work evolving in government, and to discuss where you could be applying geospatial thinking to your outputs as statisticians and data scientists.

Stephen Croney – Data Specialist, Government Sector, Esri UK


Stephen Croney
Data Specialist, Government Sector, Esri UK