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Apprenticeships are for all ages, backgrounds, grades and professions.

National Apprenticeship Week is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the success of the apprenticeships within all areas of ONS. I am especially proud of how we are embracing apprenticeships across the organisation

We now have over 100 apprentices enrolled on a variety of apprenticeships, who are either new to ONS, or existing staff who have taken up the programmes as part of their career development. These schemes span different professions such as: Data Analytics, Leadership and Management, Team Leading, Business Administration, HR, Learning and Development, Customer Service, Commercial and Marketing.

One of the biggest barriers to recruiting untapped talent from a diverse range of backgrounds has been the lack of appropriate opportunities. This is particularly true for those people who have not, for whatever reason, been able to access traditional academic qualifications. Apprenticeships provide a real opportunity to shape how we hire, develop and retain our high performing people. It’s simply not enough merely to focus on attracting talent. We must develop, manage and generally give people opportunities to learn. One of the most important indicators for me are the questions on the people survey about learning and development. These provide a good test of excellence for any organisation.

Our latest initiative is the introduction of degree level apprenticeships. These will provide new choices as they offer a broader higher educational attainment level available to all. A great success here is the work of the GSS Careers team which has been leading development of a Data Science degree. Alison Adams is leading a Trailblazer Group that has developed an apprenticeship standard with input from organizations in the private and public sectors. The degree apprenticeship will be available for delivery in England and Wales.

Please e-mail for information on the apprenticeships available.


John Pullinger
John Pullinger
John Pullinger is the National Statistician. He is the UK Statistics Authority’s and the Government’s principal adviser on official statistics. He is the Head of the Government Statistical Service (GSS) and, as the Authority’s Chief Executive and Permanent Secretary, is a member of the Board of the UK Statistics Authority.