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Building links – Improving UK housing and planning statistics

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Statistics on housing are key to public policy making, and day to day decisions such as where or when to buy or rent a property. Housing policy is devolved to the UK nations and we therefore publish statistics on housing from a number of departments and other organisations across the UK.

On 30 May we published a blog containing our Work Programme  on how we are collaborating across Government to improve the coherence, quality, harmonization and accessibility of housing statistics with users at the heart of our endeavours.

Today we are launching our Cross-GSS housing statistics webpage and publishing an experimental Housing Overview, summarising what data are currently produced by whom within Government. This is a work in progress and currently covers the Devolved Administrations (Welsh Government, Scottish Government, the relevant Northern Ireland departments) together with the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government, Ministry of Justice, HM Treasury, HMRC, HM Land Registry, Homes England, the Valuation Office Agency and Office for National Statistics.

To compliment the Housing Overview, we are also publishing a more detailed Guide to UK Housing and Planning Statistics of the statistics currently produced on housing.

Over the coming few weeks we will publish more detail on the work being taken forward by a recently formed cross-government housing group who are working together to help achieve the Work Programme and specifically, address the findings from the Office for Statistics Regulation systemic review of statistics on Housing and Planning in the UK.

We are keen for feedback on the usefulness of this Overview and Guide and are continuing to work on improving it by extending coverage to other organisations producing official statistics on housing.

Please contact Tony Wilkins with any feedback or suggestions.

Debra Prestwood and Chris Jenkins