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  1. ons.geography

    Building for the future

    When it comes to old sayings, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is one of them. To say that losing the linked data portal at a time when it was starting to build traction with users is something of an understatement. It was an unfortunate combination of bad contract...
  2. ons.geography

    The County

    Of all the many geographies in the United Kingdom, this one is probably calculated to cause the most confusion. But why should that be? After all, everyone knows what a county is and which county (if any) they live in, don’t they? Well, that depends entirely on which particular type...
  3. ons.geography

    World GIS Day revisited

    So another World GIS Day has passed. In ONS, we held a number of activities on Wednesday 18th November at both our Titchfield and Newport offices including: • Using ArcGIS Online to collect information on football allegiances of people who work at ONS using their home postcode, their office location...
  4. ons.geography

    Happy World GIS Day folks!

    At the time of writing it is Friday the 13th, which, if you’re of a superstitious persuasion, may be a concern. It’s also World Kindness Day which, if you’re not superstitious, seems like a much better thing to focus on. Just about every topic seems to have its own day,...
  5. ons.geography

    A question of semantics

    Whilst most people were tucking into their Sunday roast and enjoying their weekend, I was in a lecture theatre in rural Pennsylvania learning about ‘semantic statistics’ at the annual SemStats conference. I want to start at the end though because the last presentation of the day was potentially the most...