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Change the culture, build capability, work collaboratively – working together to improve user engagement

Okay, so it’s not the catchiest of slogans. But, while you’re here, we wanted to introduce you to the three C’s of the user engagement strategy for statistics:

  • Culture
  • Capability
  • Collaboration

Where have these come from?

It has been a little while since we last updated you on the progress of the user engagement strategy. We’ve been busy concluding our interviews and collating the evidence we gathered. During our engagement we managed to speak to over 40 statistical producers, over 50 different users of statistics, hosted three webinars and received almost 200 responses to our online survey.

Tegwen Green and I, along with support from the user engagement champions, steering group and working group members have been trying to refine the strategic goals and nail down some clear deliverables.

Why the three C’s?

We want to ensure the user engagement strategy for statistics is ambitious so we can make a real change. Our current vision centres around a comment from Sir Ian Diamond – that user engagement should be second nature for all analysts from day zero and is actively considered throughout the statistical production process.

The evidence from both producers and users of statistics centres around three themes: the three C’s. In order to improve user engagement, we need to:

  1. change our culture and ensure user engagement is an ongoing and essential part of an analyst’s role
  2. build capability and equip the right people with the right tools and skills to improve user engagement activities
  3. collaborate across departmental boundaries to offer a more coherent and consistent user experience.

Each of these goals is supported by several actions and deliverables. We’re still working on the specific and measurable deliverables for some of these and that’s where you can come in.

How can you get involved?

What do you think about the three C’s?  Do they address the barriers to effective engagement you’ve experienced? Can you see how some of these goals might be delivered? Are there any gaps we’ve not addressed? If you email we can share some more detailed documents that detail how some of the goals might be delivered.

We’re keen to consider a wide range of views from both statistical producers and users of statistics. Please share your thoughts with us by Monday 12 October to ensure your feedback is captured in the next iteration of the document.

What happens next?

The first iteration of the vision, goals and deliverables is out for comment with Heads of Profession, senior leaders, user engagement champions and the users of statistics we interviewed. We’re also speaking to senior leaders from the devolved administrations at the Inter Administration Committee on Thursday 8 October. We’ll then feed these comments into the second round of drafting with a view to finalise the strategic document, deliverables and action plan for sign-off by the UK Statistical Authority Board at the end of November. We hope to roll out the new strategy and support the implementation over the winter.

Don’t forget to get in touch

Let us know your thoughts by emailing us at or leave a message on our #userengagement Slack channel.

Nancy Singh
Hannah Thomas
Nancy is a Good Practice Team Advisor in the Best Practice and Impact division within the Office for National Statistics. She is leading the user engagement strategy for statistics project with Tegwen Green.