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Delegate registration for the 2018 GSS Conference

As many of you will know, delegate registration for the conference is now open!

The delegates team (Sean, Avision and Francesca) have been hard at work, and all attendees (including speakers/presenters) should have received a delegate registration email from Francesca. All delegates must complete the form, so please take 5 minutes to fill it out and make sure your experience at the conference is suited to you. If we don’t receive your registration form in time, we will unfortunately have to allocate you any parallel session with spare places, and, to be safe, serve you the vegan option at the meal. The horror! The deadline for completing the registration form is 31st July – but why leave it ‘til the last minute? Over two hundred delegates have already completed their registration form so far! If you are planning on attending the conference but have not received an email from us with a link to the registration form, please contact us immediately (emails below).

As well as completing your registration form, you should also be thinking about booking travel and accommodation. Please note that, as with previous years, travel and accommodation are the responsibility of the delegate and their department.  We recommend booking soon to get the best prices, and to make sure you get a room at all – the conference this year is bigger than ever, with approximately 450 attendees! A list of nearby hotels can be found in the calendar invite, although prices may be subject to change. Please take note of the start and end times on the agenda, especially if you are travelling a long way.

Once we’ve got all the registration forms in, our next job is allocating delegates to parallel sessions. For this year’s conference, we plan to employ an iterative preference algorithm to allocate delegates to sessions. For each stage of the algorithm, it chooses a random delegate and assigns them to their most preferred session where there is space for them to attend. For more information on how this works, you can download the files from GitHub here, and then run the slides.Rmd file to produce HTML slides that will explain how the algorithm works on dummy data.

We’re also working on the conference handbook, which will be circulated via email before the conference, but you will also get a copy when you arrive at the conference. The handbook will be packed with information, including details on speakers, keynotes, and venue info. Hopefully the handbook should be able to answer any questions you have while at the conference, but if not you can always come grab one of the conference team for help – all our pictures will be in the handbook, so we should be easy to find!

If you have any questions about registration or attendance, please contact us:

Avision Ho:

Francesca Allerton:

Sean Maguire:

Francesca Parrott