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GPT – the land of opportunity

So, at the end of August, my time in the Good Practice Team (GPT) will come to an end, as I take on a new opportunity with the ONS Data Science Campus.

I joined GPT 2 years ago as the team’s Business Manager, initially a bit apprehensive about what I might expect. I needn’t have worried as the role has surpassed all expectations…(and yes, this is partly a plug for my replacement!)* Here are some of the highlights for me.

The GSS website

Leading the redevelopment of the GSS website has been a major highlight for sure. Coming in to the team, part of my core remit was to manage it, and whilst I loved this part of the job as it came, I jumped at the chance to take on this significant change.

It was a huge challenge, but I’ve learned so much “on the job”, developing project management skills, learning more about web development, user research and working in an agile way (thanks to Helpful Technology and colleagues in ONS Digital Publishing for use of their fantastic facilities!), and also meeting so many people across various departments in getting their feedback.

There is still much more to do as the site moves towards a “Live” stage, but I know that with Hannah Thomas (our latest addition to the GPT), my replacement and a dedicated content team, the future of the site is in great hands.

Presentation Champions and PDC

The work of the Presentation and Dissemination Committee (PDC) and the Champions subgroup has made me realise the scale of what happens across Government to improve our statistics. Having worked with many of the Champions to set up seminars, roadshows and workshops, they are such an enthusiastic group who have a real passion to see improvement in publications across the GSS, and many are inspiring great change in their departments. Don’t know who your Champion or PDC rep is? Find out more on the revamped PDC pages and get involved!


The organisation of publication reviews (or “scrums”) was one of the core things I started out doing, but having the chance to actually run a few of these sessions has been so rewarding! Reviewing a department’s publication brings together a diversity of perspectives, and perfect for producers who are keen for ideas to improve. Feedback on the scrum process has been very positive in my time here, so I’m confident that if you want some help from us, you won’t be disappointed – get in touch with the team – they’d be happy to help!


The GPT deliver a range of great courses, and being involved in both administration and delivery has helped me to appreciate the sheer depth of knowledge and experience that the team has. From delivering Induction and Foundation courses to new GSS statisticians, Data Viz to around 20 departments a year (multiple times!) and training for the Policy Profession, it’s no small ask. I feel like I’ve learned so much yet know so little still!

“Code 2.0”

My time here has coincided with the development of the new Code of Practice for Statistics. I have had the privilege of co-delivering workshops on the new Code with the Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR) – it’s been fascinating experiencing their depth of knowledge and pace of delivery first hand!

The land of opportunity

I think the best way I can sum up my time in GPT, is “the land of opportunity”. I’ve been given the time and space to develop what the role looks like, try new things and take the lead regardless of my grade or previous experience.

My GPT colleagues are all such great mentors as well. I’ve learned so much from them all and I know I wouldn’t have progressed as I have without their valuable input and experience.

I’ll definitely be staying connected to the team, and can already see some great opportunities to link up in the future!

*My post is now open for applications, initially internally for ONS staff – you’ve got until 26 August to apply – good luck and I know you will enjoy the role as much as I have!.


Gareth Pryce
Denise Sexton
Gareth Pryce is Business Manager for the GSS Good Practice Team, who support the GSS to improve Government statistics