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GSS Christmas Stats Quiz!

Question 1

There were a total of 1,003 baby girls named Holly born in England and Wales in 2017, but how many of these were born in December?

Question 2

How many real Christmas trees are bought in the UK each year (to the nearest million)?

Question 3

Which area of the GSS website had the most views on Christmas Day 2017 – careers, learning and development, blogs or news?

Question 4

What was the value of Brussels sprouts exported from the UK in 2017?

Question 5

True or false: more schools in England have Mary in their name than Joseph

Question 6

Which of these is a real place in the UK: Christmas Common/Cold Christmas/Jesus Green?

Question 7

How many presents does Santa need to deliver to give a present to every ten year old child in Scotland?

Question 8

What percentage of adults in England attended a pantomime in 2016/17?

Question 9

How many sheep (& lambs) were watched by night in Wales in 2017?

Question 10

Statisticians love an acronym. Can you break this Christmas acronym code? The TWM travelled to RDC to visit TNK.



Hannah Thomas
Hannah Thomas
Good Practice Team Adviser