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GSS conference 2018: the final countdown

Your conference chairs and the committee are in the final countdown for the biggest conference the GSS has ever seen. The last few bits and pieces have been ordered, the team have communicated all your requirements to the venue, and the race is on to find an outfit that only clashes slightly with our wonderfully purple committee t-shirts.

Whilst creating such a unique and unforgettable event is a highlight of our year, the real pleasure has been leading and getting to know an absolutely outstanding team. Huge thanks to Gary Brown, Karim Secker, Sean Maguire, Sarah Lewis, Miles Flitton, Jenny Snape, Michael Cole, Richmond Davies, Pooja Ramnarain, Nicole Scully, Francesca Parrott, Sam Harris, Avision Ho and Francesca Allerton for their time, commitment and enthusiasm. We also want to thank Alison Eve and Peter Le Quesne who have been stars and worth their weight in gold many times over.

Big thanks too to our partners who have enabled us to make this a real celebration – Esri UK, SAS and Mango Solutions, our official, gold and bronze sponsors.

If you’re interested in being part of the committee in 2019, keep an eye on the GSS newsletter later this year for the call for volunteers.

See you soon in Manchester!

Sophie and Alix

Sophie Stewart and Alix Crabtree
Ziga Dernac
Sophie Stewart and Alix Crabtree are the GSS conference 2018 chairs.