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Key notes for the GSS Conference keynote sessions

Gary and Karim have finished their part in organising the 2018 conference – until the day that is! Here are their key notes for success in planning keynote sessions. 

The first key requirement is to decide how many sessions to have, when, and for how long. Previous conference agendas are clearly useful here, as are our own personal experience of attending conferences. We’ve gone for the same number of sessions as last year, but have fewer keynote speakers: this means they have longer to speak and/or answer questions. So don’t be afraid to ask! Submit questions for the panel session now to

The next key requirement is to consider the theme of the conference, what type of presentations would be needed, what keynotes were covered in previous years and would be covered in other UK conferences in 2018. We decided on keynote speakers/panel members representing statistics outside government, inside government and in academia. 

The final key requirement is to recruit keynote speakers with the X factor, who fill the stage and inspire the audience. For the GSS Conference this year we’ve got three of these rare individuals – so you could say we’ve got the xXx factor, without having to pay Vin Diesel wages, and without the limited ‘I am Groot’ vocabulistics.

See you at the conference!


Gary & Karim