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Mango at the GSS conference

Here at Mango we are very much looking forward to our involvement in the upcoming GSS conference. Our decision to take part as the main sponsor follows our long involvement in government statistics, working closely with government departments to make sure the latest in technology and approaches can be used in what is critical work for the country.

Recently, more and more reliance is being placed on data and analytics and with it, the expectation that analytics will deliver phenomenal insight and return for the public sector has grown. At the same time, investment is a challenge and some high profile issues with analysis have undermined the belief in the reliability of analytics.

Recent surveys (run by KPMG in 2018 and SAS early in 2019) have shown that senior leaders have a significant lack of trust in their analytics, with only 30% willing to say that they trust their data and analytics. If we are to expect leaders to make data-driven decisions then this trust gap must be closed and explainability plays a large role in this.

I have myself recently left the public sector and so have an understanding of some of the challenges which have to be faced when dealing with (what are often) legacy systems collecting important data. Add to this the need to explain complex analysis to a non-technical audience and the problem becomes difficult. How can you improve trust in your analysis when sometimes it isn’t even clear to the analyst what is happening in modern analytical approaches, like random forests?

Here at Mango, our mission is to empower organisations to make informed decisions using data science and advanced analytics, and ensuring analytics are explainable is a large part of that. We work from end-to-end within an organisation to make sure that confidence in analytics is high at director level and that analysts have the tools and ability to explain their analysis and keep their stakeholders satisfied.

I am lucky enough to be giving a talk at the 2019 GSS conference about how we at Mango make sure that confidence in analytics is maintained and improved. I’ll be talking about how we can enable this from board to floor and highlighting some tools and approaches that analysts can use to help demystify the complex analytics that are necessary to gain insight from our data rich environments.

I’ll be at the conference on both days; I am looking forward to conversations with people after my talk to gain perspectives and real-world views on how we can ensure that important analytics can deliver the confidence necessary to maximise their impact.

Dean Wood
Dean is a Principal Data Scientist at Mango Solutions and will be speaking at the Government Statistical Service (GSS) conference 2019.