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GSS Christmas Stats Quiz!

Question 1 There were a total of 1,003 baby girls named Holly born in England and Wales in 2017, but how many of these were born in December? Question 2 How many real Christmas trees are bought in the UK each year (to the nearest million)? Question 3 Which area of the GSS website had […]

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Working as a BBC consultant statistician

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Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to be accepted on the BBC News secondment programme. I packed up my GSS Good Practice Advisor belongings, left ONS Newport and set off for the bright lights of New Broadcasting House in central London. This meant relocating to London for the summer and moving in with my […]

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GangStaS Data RAP

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A view point on how initiatives happening across the GSS can do great things together but it’s also a lesson that we need to do better in raising awareness of the things we are doing.

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Pro Bono Economics

Use your analytical skills to make a difference by volunteering with Pro Bono Economics who will match you with a charity who needs them.

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