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GangStaS Data RAP

Blog | GSS Blog

A view point on how initiatives happening across the GSS can do great things together but it’s also a lesson that we need to do better in raising awareness of the things we are doing.

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Pro Bono Economics

Use your analytical skills to make a difference by volunteering with Pro Bono Economics who will match you with a charity who needs them.

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GSS conference 2018: the final countdown

Blog | GSS Conference 2018

Your conference chairs and the committee are in the final countdown for the biggest conference the GSS has ever seen. The last few bits and pieces have been ordered, the team have communicated all your requirements to the venue, and the race is on to find an outfit that only clashes slightly with our wonderfully […]

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Working together to improve housing statistics

Blog | GSS Blog

Statistics on housing and planning are vital across the UK. In May, the Deputy National Statistician for Population and Public Policy, Iain Bell, published a blog that set out a strategic programme and five key areas to improve the evidence base on housing. Following on from Iain’s blog, today’s update is intended to provide you […]

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Shadowing the National Statistician

I’m Sarah and I’m a Research Officer (RO) in the Integrated Data Division. Essentially, I spend a lot of time talking about admin data and migration flows. A typical day for me involves a lot of desk time and analysis – very different to a typical day for John Pullinger!

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