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Breach all about it!

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All official statistics need to be produced and published in line with the standards outlined in the Code of Practice for Statistics. A breach occurs when one of these standards is not kept to. If a breach or a suspected breach occurs, the first thing you should do is raise it with your Head of Profession. […]

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Do you understand your survey non-response rates?

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Response rates to traditional social surveys have been steadily dropping over the last few decades. This can pose a serious issue for those of us responsible for producing estimates of population level characteristics such as household income. What’s the threat? Falling response rates increase the risk of non-response bias, if there are fundamental differences between […]

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Improving statistics on rough sleeping: how BPI helped MHCLG

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The Best Practice and Impact (BPI) division, based at the Office for National Statistics (ONS), provides a range of services for the whole Government Statistical Service (GSS) to help improve government statistics. One service we offer is free consultancy. This can be tailored to any challenges or obstacles that your department faces. Recently, the Quality […]

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Hidden in plain sight

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Two years ago I was nearly killed in a car crash. It was through no fault of my own – a bus decided to pick a fight with my car. This left me with a spine broken in several places and severe spinal damage which will stay with me for life. Along with the health […]

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