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Harmonisation: The Beach Boys were onto something

Archived Blog | GSS Blog

If anyone knew the power of harmonisation, they did. Harmonisation is an often misunderstood and sometimes underappreciated idea. People often think it is just about getting everyone to use exactly the same definitions and concepts in their statistics. Some think it’s just about adding emotional impact to a melody. But these are just two aspects […]

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Synthetic data: innovation for public good

Archived Blog | Data science

What is synthetic data, and how can it be used for public good? This was the question asked at a recent event at the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Synthetic data are artificially generated data that have the look and structure of real data, but do not contain any information on individuals. They also contain […]

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A free consultancy service for the Government Statistical Service


The Best Practice and Impact (BPI) division based at the Office for National Statistics (ONS), provides a range of services for the whole Government Statistical Service (GSS) to help improve official statistics. One service we offer is free consultancy. This can be tailored to any challenges or obstacles your department faces. Recently, the Quality Centre in […]

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The Code of Practice for Statistics turns one today

Archived Blog | Code of practice

I am pleased to be saying happy first birthday to the Code of Practice for Statistics.  Over the last twelve months I have been involved in many different conversations about the use of statistics and I have found the new code to be really helpful in supporting these. As the statistical Head of Profession in […]

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GSS Christmas Stats Quiz!


Question 1 There were a total of 1,003 baby girls named Holly born in England and Wales in 2017, but how many of these were born in December? Question 2 How many real Christmas trees are bought in the UK each year (to the nearest million)? Question 3 Which area of the GSS website had […]

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