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Ever fancied living in Africa?

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Emily Poskett, Head of the International Development Team, talks to Internal Communications about some exciting new ONS positions based in Ghana, Kenya and Rwanda. If you like statistical modernisation and adventure, then this could be the opportunity you’re looking for.

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Changing of the Guard – Open Data Sub-Group

The Presentation and Dissemination Committee (PDC) is about building capability, setting and raising standards, sharing best practice, encouraging innovation and celebrating success across the GSS. If you are not familiar please check out what it’s about. There are a few subgroups to the main committee that look at specific areas including one around Open Data.  […]

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Measuring personal well-being: Leaving no one behind

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Personal well-being data has been collected since 2011 in the UK, and we now publish data from the previous year on a quarterly basis to provide timely estimates of how people in the UK subjectively rate their lives.  By providing this information in addition to traditional measures of prosperity, we hope it enables policy makers […]

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