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Preparing for the new GSS website

Last month we shared a first look of the refreshed GSS website and work has been progressing rapidly since.

The month of March has seen us carry out more in-depth user testing of the site with colleagues from PHE, BEIS, DIT and DFT. We’ve also held various discussions with GSS colleagues, and from what we’ve seen and heard, we seem to be on the right lines.

Further work has taken place to enhance content, navigation and also provide some great new features that will hopefully enable you to find what you need to know, when you need to know it. So, finding out how to submit an abstract or register for this year’s GSS Conference has never been easier!

So what’s next?

We anticipate that the new site will go live over the next few weeks – date to be confirmed – but before that, there are a couple of things that we will be asking you to do in preparation:

  1. Sign up to the new GSS newsletter mailing list

We are asking ALL GSS colleagues to sign up to a new mailing list now to continue receiving the GSS newsletter from the end of April onwards.

Traditionally your registration for the current website has also been your subscription to the monthly GSS newsletter, but with the refresh of the site comes the removal of the need to log in (hooray you might say!).

This gives us an opportunity to provide you with a more intuitive way to receive the latest newsletter with updates straight to your mailbox. We won’t transfer your existing data. This sign up gives us your permission to continue sending you the newsletter.

Sign up for the GSS newsletter

Additionally you can now update us with one simple click if you move departments, leave the GSS, or you simply don’t wish to receive updates any more.

We will also be trialling an exciting new format for the newsletter so don’t miss out – sign up today!

  1. Give us your feedback on the site

We mentioned that we think we are on the right lines based on research so far, but before the site goes live we will want to get as much feedback as possible from across the GSS to make sure that the site works for you.

Watch this space – we will be in touch shortly with more details so you can let us know what you think! Alternatively if you’d like us to come and talk to you in more detail about the site, we’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for taking a moment to sign up to the newsletter and if you’ve got any questions at all about the site’s progress, please contact us.

From Gareth Pryce
GSS Good Practice Team
Ami Treharne