The user engagement strategy for statistics – the best laid plans…

Well, Nancy Singh and I were thrilled to receive so much helpful feedback on our initial draft of the user engagement strategy. Thank you everyone!

So, what have the project team been up to recently?

We’ve been busy incorporating all those ideas and suggestions into the next iteration of the strategy. It’s been exciting to experience the transformation and we are almost ready to invite feedback on version 2!

Watch out for an email from your Head of Profession for statistics next week. That will be your opportunity to comment. Or, if you would like us to send you a copy of the documents, please email

A pause to the sign-off process

Remember the three C’s Nancy talked about in her last blog – culture, capability and collaboration? They form the essence of our three strategic goals. Well, we had a lot of feedback highlighting how important the proposed Centre of Excellence for user engagement is, to the delivery of these goals.

The Centre of Excellence will provide a central hub for engagement advice and capability building. Because we haven’t secured funding for the Centre yet, our steering group agreed, we should pause sign-off of the strategy until we know whether our Spending Review bid has been successful.

So, instead of the UK Statistics Authority Board signing off the strategy at the end of November, we now hope they will do that in December. That means, instead of a November launch of the strategy, there will now be…

A new user engagement strategy for statistics in the New Year!

Launch of the strategy is planned for early 2021 – which we hope will be a great way to welcome in the New Year! We’ll promote, rollout and support Phase 1 of the strategy’s implementation over the winter and spring.

How can you get involved?

If you have a user engagement success story, please share it with us. We are looking for a selection of case studies to include in the strategy document, and on the Government Statistical Service website. We are particularly looking for examples which highlight or showcase:

  • successful work with a user forum
  • adapting engagement tactics during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
  • successful engagement over social media
  • examples of working with the media or journalists

We know you have been doing some great work engaging with and meeting the needs of the users of your statistics this year. So please email and share your success stories or leave a message on our #userengagement Slack channel. That way, we can showcase your work and others can learn from and emulate your successes.

Tegwen Green
Louise Foster-Key
Statistician and good practice adviser, Best Practice and Impact division, Office for National Statistics