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The Government Statistical Service (GSS) is fully behind apprenticeships and is keen to celebrate the successful data analyst apprentices who already form part of the GSS community.

Data Analyst Apprenticeship (level 4)

Programme information (pdf, 281KB)

ONS and the Welsh Government have already seen success with our flagship foundation degree data analytics apprenticeship now in its second year. In Wales there are over 40 apprentices currently undertaking the apprenticeship and it is now being rolled out via the statistics profession in other government departments in England. The first GSS cohort of 20 will be starting shortly on important data analysis in Defra, DfE, HMRC, Home Office and the Office of Rail and Road.

Data analysts are typically involved with managing, cleansing, abstracting and aggregating data, and conducting a range of analytical studies on that data.

As an apprentice data analyst you will work across a variety of projects, providing technical data solutions to a range of stakeholders/customers issues. You will document and report the results of your data analysis activities, making recommendations on how to improve business performance.

You will gain a good understanding of data structures, database systems and procedures and the range of analytical tools used to undertake a range of different types of analyses.

This programme covers data analysis and analytics, data structures, Big Data and processes and tools for data integration.

Key areas covered are:

  • Identifying, collecting and migrating data
  • Interpreting data
  • Statistical analysis and other analytical techniques such as data mining
  • Producing performance dashboards
  • Tools and techniques for data visualisation
  • Presenting results to stakeholders and making recommendations

Degree Data Science Apprenticeship

The Statistics profession, through GSS Careers is leading a Trailblazer Group to develop a new degree-level apprenticeship in data science on behalf of the public and private sector.

Building data science skills is a strategic priority for analysis in government. Over the last few months the Trailblazer Group has been working hard with industry to develop the skills in the standard as well as how it will be taught and assessed.  To find out more about the skills the apprenticeship will develop have a look at it on the Institute for Apprenticeship website. GSS Careers aims to make this degree (Level 6) data scientist apprenticeship available from September 2018 in England and Wales.

Initial expectations are that the course will take three or four years. It will provide a clear career pathway into the Statistics profession in government as well as large number of other private and public sector professional roles. Having a degree apprenticeship will help government attract and build future talent, as well as being a great opportunity for personal development for people who might not consider a degree qualification normally. Apprentices on the course will benefit from on the job training, classroom or distance based learning opportunities whilst developing a fulfilling career in the fast paced world of data science.

  • The standard which sets out the skills for the degree apprenticeship has been approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships. The next steps are:
  • The End Point Assessment (EPA) which details how apprentices will be assessed for their  qualification ( e.g. by projects or on the job training) will be submitted in April 2018
  • April 2018 to end 2018  work with learning providers and other employers to refine  and define the assessment process for learners.