Data Scientist


Latest news

The next Data Scientist recruitment (EO, HEO, SEO) is now open. Applications can be submitted via Civil Service Jobs. Closing date 20 August 2017.

If you want to work at the heart of government and play an integral role delivering insight from data using statistical and data science techniques, this is the role for you. You will support the creation of innovative data products and services and tell compelling stories with evidence.

Data scientists help government understand and tackle some of the key challenges facing society on topics such as the economy, health, education and transport. Data science analyses data from the government’s own systems as well as material from surveys, social media and big data scraped from the web.

Data scientists can work on a variety of projects such as:

  • Designing ways of collecting data from a variety of sources, including non-traditional sources such as web scraping
  • Extracting meaning and insight, telling stories from data
  • Identifying customer needs, specifying what data is to be delivered, developing robust, timely methods to ensure data delivery is fit for purpose
  • Combining data from different sources and formats to gain greater insight
  • Using cutting edge technologies and concepts, such as machine learning and distributed processing
  • Communicating findings to a wide range of audiences including policy makers, analysts and senior managers


graduation cap

You should have, or be expected to obtain, one of the following:

    • A minimum of a 2:2 degree in a numerate discipline such as computer science or IT or an equivalent which demonstrates core statistical skills.
  • An MSc in Data Science or Data Analytics

Temporary positions

CVGSS Recruitment welcome CVs from candidates that are interested in temporary statistical roles within a government department. If you have a numerate degree and/or a background in statistics and would like to be considered for a temporary position please apply via Civil Service Jobs.

Please note that your CV and contact details will be shared with departments on request and they will contact you directly to arrange an interview.

The experience from a current Data Scientist

MartinI’ve worked in the IT industry for 15 years and when I saw the data scientist role at the Department for Communities and Local Government, I jumped at it. It was the opportunity to use data to help communities and improve services that encouraged me to apply. Data has the potential to revolutionise the world and the way business is done, and I feel like I get to be a part of that in this role.

Being a data scientist gives me the change to be a leader in the field of data. I was thrilled to be involved in a group from day one that aims to transform my department into a data driven organisation. I’ve built tools to make the most of data but I appreciate that the real value in data comes from getting it used by a wide rage of people. I’m actively involved in developing and promoting services like Open Data Communities as a flagship open and linked data product. As more and more data is published, I’m keen to ensure that it’s used by as many people as possible. Understanding data from the consumers’ perspective and telling stories with data helps to achieve this.

Data science is a broad topic and you need a diverse range of skills including strategy, an understanding of the data lifecycle and technical skills. I’ve launched a “Code Club” to help a group of incredibly enthusiastic people with their coding skills, encouraging them to sign up for free online courses. They’re also taking part in competitions to solve real problems with coding techniques.

My role so far has been fantastic – very challenging and very rewarding. It’s great to be so involved in transforming the way an organisation works. I’m really looking forward to seeing how far we travel and what opportunities arise along the journey.

Martin Waudby - Data Scientist