Fast Stream Statistician

Fast StreamAs a statistical fast streamer you will be joining the Government Statistical Service’s flagship training scheme for future statistical leaders. Over the four-year scheme you will experience statistical work in a range of government departments as you build up the skills and knowledge needed to progress to senior leadership roles across the civil service.

Your training will take place alongside policy fast streamers and other professions, broadening your networks beyond the analytical community. The scheme includes secondments outside the GSS which will give you real insight into how statistics are used both inside and outside government.

In each statistical role you will join a team of experts working together to produce a range of statistical analysis to help shape decision making. You may use a range of statistical packages and develop your dissemination skills to communicate your findings to a range of customers.

Statistical fast streamers work on a variety of projects such as:

  • Designing robust methods and tools to collect survey and administrative data
  • Quality checking, cleaning data and producing statistical outputs
  • Identifying customer needs and specifying what data needs to be delivered
  • Interpreting statistical analysis for policy development
  • Help to build confidence in statistics by applying the Code of Practice for Official Statistics
  • Answering Parliamentary Questions and Freedom of Information requests

As well as developing your statistical skills you will be enhancing skills in line with the civil service competency framework.


graduation capYou should have, or be expected to obtain, one of the following:

  • A minimum of a 2:1 degree in a numerate discipline such as mathematics, economics, psychology or geography. Your degree should contain some formal statistical training
  • A graduate diploma of the Royal Statistical Society
  • An equivalent qualification

The experience from a current Fast Stream Statistician

Amanda FrewinAfter completing a degree in Politics, I spent 18 months teaching English in Japan, after which I completed my MSc in Health and Society: Social Epidemiology. It was during my masters that I gained my statistical skills and decided I wanted to pursue a career as a statistician. Having an interest in government and politics, I was naturally drawn to the GSS as I wanted to work on analysis used to inform policy making.

Since joining the Fast Stream in September 2013, the impact of my work on people’s lives has been clearly visible. In my first post at the Department for Education, I worked on accountability measures, which were used by schools, parents and Ofted to assess the quality of provision. I also worked in a team producing statistics used to compare the UK education system to that in other OECD countries. As part of this I had the opportunity to prepare briefing for senior colleagues, press officers and ministers, and represent the UK at an OECD meeting in Paris.

In my current role at the Department of Heath, I am embedded within a policy team and work closely with policy and finance colleagues across Whitehall on adult social care. This is an extremely important area given the number of people requiring social care now and who will need it in the future. I find working on areas like this to be highly rewarding and cannot imagine enjoying any other career as much.

Amanda Frewin - Assistant Statistician