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Changing VATitudes towards admin data methods

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Having a master’s degree in economics and experience in the telematics industry, you can understand my excitement to put my knowledge to work on economic methods research when the Methodological Research Hub was established earlier in the year. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is committed to addressing the strategic recommendations made in the Independent […]

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New is always better?

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“New is always better!”, so says Barney Stinson in the long running comedy ‘How I Met Your Mother’, encouraging his friends to constantly move on and try new things. The joke being that his friend Ted wants nothing more than to find his soulmate and spend the rest of his life with the same person. […]

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New to the game: statistics, methods, research and me

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Six months ago I joined the Methodological Research Hub in the Office for National Statistics’ Methodology Division, with a focus on developing methods for producing official statistics using administrative data. Coming from a psychology background, my first few weeks were quite difficult – I felt way behind in my statistical knowledge, and I couldn’t imagine […]

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Measuring errors in data

Archived Blog | Methodology

The Methodology Division leads on the development and support of statistical and survey methods for Office for National Statistics (ONS) and provides support for the wider Government Statitisical Service (GSS) and beyond. As Principal Statistical Methodologists we jointly lead on demographic methods for the Census and Population Statistics Hub in Methodology. Our work is varied […]

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Lost in translation

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Solving problems, better solutions. The Methodology Division within the Office for National Statistics (ONS) develop methods for working with non-survey data sources, and for integrating non-survey and survey data. Coding qualitative data is a huge part of the work Methodology does. Did you know that there are thousands of different coding languages including Python, R […]

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