This is a beta version of the experimental GSS homelessness statistics interactive tool. We are committed to continue developing the tool. You can help us improve it by giving us your feedback

UK official statistics on homelessness: comparisons, definitions, and processes
An interactive tool for exploring UK homelessness concepts, the comparability of homelessness statistics between the four countries of the UK, and the homeless application process of each UK country.

Interactive tools

The aim of this interactive tool is to help you understand:

  • the concepts of homelessness and rough sleeping
  • how statistics for these concepts can and cannot be compared between the four UK countries
  • the different processes a person may go through when seeking support for housing from each country's local authorities

To find out more about how to use this tool, please visit the "About" section.


Use this tool to gain an understanding of what the common homelessness concepts are for UK data-producers and how the output statistics relating to each of the four UK countries can and cannot be compared to each other. >> Explore the landscape


Use this tool if you want to explore and understand the stages in which an applicant of homelessness aid might find themselves during their application process. >> Explore the statistics