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GSS > Events > Workshop to review and improve a statistical publication (November 2019)
This is a past event. The webpage remains for information only.

Workshop to review and improve a statistical publication (November 2019)

14th November 2019 10:00am to 1:00pm
Office for National Statistics, 1 Drummond Gate, London, SW1V 2QQ

In these workshops (which we used to call “scrums”), participants review a statistical publication and suggest improvements. There are usually around six participants from across the Government Statistical Service (GSS). Staff from the good practice team organise and run these workshops.

Why should you take part in a peer review meeting?

Taking part in one of these workshops gives you the chance to:

  • work with colleagues from the wider GSS
  • gain a fresh perspective on statistical publications
  • gain a deeper understanding of what makes a good statistical release

What will be covered?

Participants will discuss the publication in detail, using a fairly loose agenda. They consider:

  • uses for the publication
  • first impressions
  • titles
  • key messages
  • context
  • interpretation
  • language

How to get involved

If you’d like to take part in this workshop, please email:

Please also get in contact if you’re interested in nominating a publication for review in a future meeting.