This is a past event. The webpage remains for information only.

Review and improve a statistical publication – January

20th January 2021 10:30am to 11:30am
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This is a peer review workshop. It usually allows for around six to eight participants from across the Government Statistical Service (GSS).

Why should you take part in a peer review meeting?

Taking part in one of these workshops gives you the chance to:

  • work with colleagues from the wider GSS
  • gain a fresh perspective on statistical publications
  • gain a deeper understanding of what makes a good statistical release

What will be covered?

Participants will discuss the publication in detail, using a fairly loose agenda.

They consider:

  • uses for the publication
  • first impressions
  • titles
  • main messages
  • context
  • interpretation
  • language

Please note you will be expected to carry out pre-reading and fill out an initial feedback form prior to this workshop. We estimate it to take no more than two hours. This will be sent out via email two weeks before your session.