Communicating statistics

Improving the communication of statistics is a priority for the Government Statistical Service (GSS).

What support is available?


Guidance on the GSS website.

Guidance from other sources:


Training courses advertised on the GSS website.

Reviews of statistical publications

The Good Practice Team (based in the Office for National Statistics but here to help everybody in the GSS) regularly reviews statistical publications. They give feedback to the producers with ideas for how they can improve their statistical communication.

Some of these reviews are done by the team and some are done through workshops (which the team used to call “scrums”).

In the workshops, participants review a statistical publication and suggest improvements. There are usually around six participants from across the GSS. The team collate the feedback and send it back to the producer.

If you would like to nominate a publication to be reviewed please email

Taking part in a workshop as a reviewer is a great development opportunity. They are advertised on our events page. Look for “Workshop to review and improve a statistical publication”.

The presentation champion network

The presentation champions work across the GSS to improve the presentation and dissemination of statistics. They meet regularly and share best practice.

Read more about the presentation champion network.


For general questions about communicating statistics, please email

If you want to find out more about communicating statistics in your department speak to your presentation champion.