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Networks and support

The GSS Harmonisation Team maintains and develops a range of fully approved harmonised principles (harmonised definitions, harmonised survey questions, harmonised standards for administrative data and harmonised standards to be used when presenting outputs).

The GSS Harmonisation Team supports the GSS community of some 7,000 statistical producers.

Our work is not restricted to the GSS – we can and do support other government professionals. We work closely with the GSS Good Practice Team, Quality Centre and Methodology Advisory Service, as part of the GSS Best Practice and Impact Team.

Additionally, we provide training sessions and workshops to share our research and best practice with you to develop knowledge and expertise on harmonisation within your team.


Harmonisation Advisors

Our team consists of researchers and operational staff, all of whom have expertise in overcoming barriers which hinder harmonisation and thus ensuring comparability of data sources is achieved.

Main contact: 01329 44 4672 01329 44 4055 01329 44 4593 01633 65 2543 01633 45 6222 0207 5926458 0207 592 8651 01633 455411 02037 411764 0207 592601



Harmonisation Champions

There are over 50 Harmonisation Champions across the GSS who work with us to promote and embed harmonisation. We ensure Heads of Profession are informed about harmonisation best practice and can cascade knowledge across their departments.