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Standard Occupational Classifications (SOC)


The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is responsible for maintaining and updating the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC). SOC was introduced in 1990, with a major revision in 2000 and a minor revision in 2010.

SOC Revision Steering Group (SRSG)

In January 2016 ONS ran a consultation for 12 weeks to gauge stakeholder and users views on whether SOC2010 needed updating. 78% of respondents agreed that it did.

The findings and outcome report to the consultation are available to download from the ONS website.

A SOC Revision Steering Group (SRSG) was created and subsequently agreed that a revision to SOC2010 was needed. The objectives of the SRSG can be found in the Terms of Reference which is available to download in the papers section at the bottom of this section. Agendas and minutes of the SRSG meetings are also available to download.

The Chair of this committee is from the Survey Methodology and Statistical Computing Division at ONS. The membership is made up of representatives from UK government departments, various divisions in ONS and other interested bodies.

For more information on SOC2010 and NS-SEC please visit the ONS website.


Kerry Dagens – Secretary

01329 444388,

SOC Revision Working Group (SRWG)

The SOC Revision Working Group (SRWG) was created to review and update SOC2010, taking into account issues raised by users and stakeholders. We are looking at key sectors of the labour market in parallel with a major group by major group approach.

The working group is overseen by the SOC Revision Steering Group (SRSG).

We are keen to receive feedback on the proposals outlined in the papers that are available to download below.  Please email your feedback to

For more information on SOC2010 please visit the ONS website.


Michaela Morris

01329 444388