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Health and Care Statistics

The decentralised nature of the health and care statistics system in England means that a number of organisations are involved in the collection of data that underpin official statistics and the publication of a range of outputs.

As producers of official statistics on health and care we are committed to working together to provide the best possible information for users. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive, quality service to inform policy, enable analysis and research and improve decision making for health and social care in England. The service will be seamless to users, irrespective of the organisation responsible for the data and products. Analysis and advice will be cross-cutting, building on the expertise and knowledge within each relevant organisation.

The current landscape for health and care statistics is complex. As noted by recent meetings of senior officials convened by the Office for Statistical Regulation “Statistics are published on a variety of different websites, in different formats, with no single portal available to guide researchers or the public”. To help users find the information they need we have introduced a health and care statistics landscape. This experimental output provides links to a range of official statistics produced across organisations. We welcome feedback on this product.

These pages provide information on how we are working together to improve health and care statistics across the system. There are two key committees steering this work, the English Health Statistics Steering Group and the Publications Advisory Board. Information on these groups, including Terms of Reference and progress reports are available on these pages.

We will be regularly updating these pages as new information becomes available. We welcome feedback to help ensure we are providing the service our users need.

English Health Statistics Steering Group Terms of Reference

Health Care Publications Advisory Board Terms of Reference

Increasing the Coherence of English Health and Care Statistics Work Plan

An overview of the EHSSG vision, aims and principles alongside a schematic of the EHSSG principles.

An updated version of the Health and Care Statistics Landscape  (some internal links do not open with Internet Explorer, please use an alternative browser)


**Latest news – updated 13 July 2017**

HSUG / RSS OSS Need to Know Meeting on 20th July 2017

This meeting is a follow up from the Need to Know meeting at Houses of Parliament that was held earlier this year, organised by Full Fact in collaboration with UK Statistics Authority, ESRC and the House of Commons library.  The Need to Know project looks at the big decisions that the country needs to take and asks if the data are available to help make the best decisions possible – so what does “Better Statistics, Better Decisions” look like in that context?

The meeting will focus on what the official statistics community need to do to respond to the challenges raised at the Need to Know event in relation to health and care, which was one of 8 key areas considered.  There will also be an opportunity to discuss whether the approach being taken in the health and care field is relevant and useful in other areas.

The speakers will be Jen Woolford from ONS and Joseph O’Leary from Full Fact.  Joseph will be presenting the outputs from the Need to Know event in relation to health and care, but his input will also be informed by Full Fact experience during the run up to the snap election.  Jen will outline the work that has been done so far, including how producers of official statistics are working together to improve the coherence of health and care statistics across the system, and to aid users to find the information they need.

Register here: