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GSS Diversity Matters Blog

As part of the  Diversity&Inclusion Network, we have created the GSS Diversity Matters blog. The blog will highlight diversity matters across the GSS – covering the good experiences and the bad ones. The purpose of the blog is to expand awareness of diversity matters throughout the GSS, here behind the team’s thinking on this subject is available in this introductory post.

The idea is that this blog will contain stories from GSS members giving their good and bad experiences of diversity. This will cover issues relating to gender, ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, religion and belief, disability, mental health or anything else appropriate. It may also highlight department policy and anything that seems appropriate as part of the GSS experience of diversity. In time, we hope that this blog will evolve whilst continue to remain relevant and interesting.

Anyone wanting to contribute a piece to this Blog should contact ( with a piece about your experiences of diversity (and indicate if you want to be anonymous). Dawn is keen to hear from you – and your colleagues – on any diversity matter.